How to install QAPlug manually

Currently it is not possible to install QAPlug and its submodules using IntelliJ IDEA Plugin Manager – still waiting for JetBrains to activate our plugin. That is why we decided to prepare short description how to install QAPlug manually.

Let say that you want to install QAPlug – FindBugs plugin. This plugin depends from QAPlug plugin, so you will have to download both of them.

First go the JetBrains website and download QAPlug ( ). Please use Download url ( which you will find there.

Next you have to do the same for QAPlug – FindBugs. You will find QAPlug – FindBugs plugin at: with Download url: 

Now you should have two files: QAPlug_7740.jar and which must be placed in plugins directory in your IntelliJ IDEA installation folder.
Destination path should be similar to: \Users\\.IntelliJIdea90\config\plugins\

You can copy first file (QAPlug_7740.jar) as it is, but the second one ( please unpack and copy its content (qaplug-findbugs) folder.

After that steps installation process is finished and you are able to start your IDEA.
We will be thankful for your comments, bug reports and suggestions.

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