QAPlug 1.1 released

klider | Tuesday, March 30th, 2010 | 5 Comments »

We’re pleased to announce the release of QAPlug 1.1.
This release contains such new functionalities like on-the-fly checks (using QAPlug inspection) and better integration with Jetbrains IDEA.
Moreover, several GUI improvements have been made.

We will be thankful for your comments, bug reports and suggestions.
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  1. Kaare says:

    What versions of IntelliJ are supported? Also, I’m using 7.0.5 and searching for ‘qaplug’ or ‘QAPlug’ under the Available plugins tab doesn’t yield any hits. Is there another way to install it? Thanks.

  2. klider says:

    QAPlug is available in IntelliJ starting from version 8.0

    You can try to download it and install manually using following links but we do not guarantee that it will work


    QAPlug – FindBugs

    QAPlug – Checkstyle

    QAPlug – PMD

  3. Kaare says:

    Thanks for the reply! I tried installing QAPlug and QAPlug – FindBugs for 7.0.5, but without success. The plugins show up, but when I enable them and restart IntelliJ they do not stay enabled. No user-facing error messages. The meta-data (description, version, etc) all show up in the plugin manager. If you want to support 7.0.5 and need a tester I’d be happy to help. :-)

  4. Jan says:


    we use QAPlug and are happy that it integrates the three most common code analyzers Checkstyle, PMD and FindBugs.
    Besides, we plan to use Sonar ( for an automated nightly code inspection.

    In PMD and Checkstyle you can configure the SuppressionString that excludes a line from being checked (default is //NOPMD and //SUPPRESS CHECKSTYLE).
    For FindBugs this is only possible on method / class level via annotations.

    Sonar offers a //NOSONAR comment to exclude single lines from being checked by Sonar – which works for FindBugs as well.

    So if we configure PMD and Checkstyle to use //NOSONAR as suppression comment, QAPlug-FindBugs would still report lines commented with //NOSONAR.

    Is it planned to implement a similar feature for QAPlug as well so that QAPlug does not report violations on a //NOSONAR commented line (or make the comment String configurable in QAPlug)?

    This would be the only way to use Sonar *and* QAPlug with a unified way to exclude lines.


  5. klider says:


    Yes, we will add this functionality in near future.

    Thank you for your suggestions.

    Starting from version 1.2, in QAPlug settings tab we have added a possibility to configure generic suppression statements .